Real Estate Law

Pennsylvania Real Estate Transactions Lawyer

Real estate transactions can be complex. A reliable real estate lawyer provides assurance that property purchases, sales, and lease transactions are handled properly. Purchase agreements, real estate titles, deeds, and leases are complex legal documents, which an experienced real estate attorney will draft and interpret. Contact West & Associates, P.C. to discuss pending or future needs for a real estate attorney.

The Western Pennsylvania real estate law firm West & Associates, P.C. in Pittsburgh (Glenshaw) offers experienced, efficient, client-oriented legal services. The firm represents clients in all aspects of real estate transactions, including agreements, financing, development, closings, title insurance, and litigation. Our clients include landlords, tenants, builders, lenders, developers, buyers and sellers.

We provide practical, cost-effective advice to our clients in such areas as:

  • Acquisition/sale of real property
  • Refinancing your home or business
  • Negotiation of lease contracts for residential or commercial property
  • Issuance of title insurance policies
  • Tax assessment appeals and tax issues
  • Preparation of agreements of sale, mortgages, leases, and settlement sheets

We close real estate transactions on a daily basis for banks, real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers. Our real estate settlement services are offered through our closing division, Commonwealth Settlement Services. Remember to request our real estate closing services when you apply for a loan. Call us toll-free at 1 (800) 738-2261 or contact us online. The cost of title insurance is standard across Pennsylvania, so exercise your right to select an experienced law firm to provide this service.

We provide a thorough analysis of all legal documents during the sale or acquisition of real estate, which provides added protection to buyers, sellers, and lenders.

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